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Abdi Bedel, a Product Manager dedicated to driving growth through Product-led Strategies.

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The client is an enterprise that owns more than 450 brands operating in the publishing, business intelligence, and exhibitions industries. As part of a groundbreaking interdepartmental initiative a...

Toyota Kinto

Our engagement with Toyota Kinto was centered around implementing a comprehensive Agile transformation initiative. This initiative was driven by a clear vision - to foster collaboration, drive ...


Neuro-Insight, a neuro-marketing research company, embarked on a transformative journey to deploy a tailored B2B MVP, aiming to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction. As project lead, I ...

“Abdi was able to learn quickly to make the subject matter his own. When walking us through the Italian onboarding, it seemed like he was the expert, not us. He is very knowledgeable about the agile ways of working and the use of digital tools! He is a clear communicator and a great listener. And, lastly, a good presenter, using Miro and screen sharing to help us understand complex topics.”

~ Julien Vandichel, KINTO SHARE ~

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Abdi Bedel

abdibedel final.png

+44 757 866 2888

+44 757 866 2888

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