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Growth-Focused, Strategically-Minded, User-Centric

Little Bit About Me

Abdi Bedel, a seasoned Product Manager with over 7 years of experience, excels in championing Agile and Product mindsets across global companies. His fervent passion for guiding organizations in these approaches is evident in his successful track record of coaching and mentoring, inspiring teams worldwide.


Throughout his career, Abdi has honed his abilities in engaging and influencing stakeholders and crafting technical solutions that deliver tangible results while boosting team morale and productivity. He's known for building enduring relationships and enhancing team dynamics, reflecting his comprehensive skill set in product management

Abdi's mission extends beyond his professional role. With roots in Somalia and a life woven through diverse European cultures, he possesses a profound appreciation for cultural diversity. This background informs his approach to navigating the digital era, enabling him to effectively guide clients and traverse global challenges.


As a product leader, Abdi employs this worldly perspective to challenge conventional thinking and identify opportunities for improving product experiences. A notable example is a recent project where his multicultural insights led to a strategy that significantly increased user engagement in various markets.


Abdi Bedel is more than a product manager; he is a global storyteller, reshaping the narrative of digital solutions in a world rich with cultural diversity. His steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, underpinned by his global insights, positions him as a transformative figure in shaping product-centric cultures worldwide.

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Challenge yourself and never get too comfortable

Life’s too Short; live every day to the fullest

Always Be Grateful for what you have

Family and Friends are invaluable 

You can learn from anyone but choose what to absorb - like a sponge, but don’t soak in all the excess water too.

Noteworthy Skills

My professional journey has equipped me with a distinct array of skills, positioning me as a versatile player in the product management field. My expertise spans the entire product lifecycle, beginning with customer interviews and journey mapping, advancing through hypothesis validation, and culminating in detailed data analysis. My proficiency extends to digital marketing, design, and UX principles, enabling me to develop products that not only fulfil user requirements but also surpass their expectations.

Over the years, I've gained proficiency in a variety of tools and technologies. My toolkit includes Notion, Google Sheets, Looker, MixPanel, Mode, SalesForce, Figma, Whimsical, Optimizely, and others. Utilizing these tools, I adeptly leverage data to unravel user behaviour insights, guiding data-driven decisions that propel growth.

My experience isn’t limited to product development tools; I'm also seasoned in project management platforms like Linear, Jira, Asana, and Clickup. My knowledge encompasses SCRUM, Agile, and Linear methodologies, ensuring efficient and agile project management. On the technical front, I'm skilled in SQL, RegEx, Python, Pandas, PHP, JSON, APIs, HTML/CSS, and have experience using LangChain and OpenAI for innovative projects.

In essence, my broad experience and skill set empower me to adopt a holistic approach to product management, marrying technical acumen with an in-depth grasp of user needs and market trends.

Let's Work Together

Feel free to get in touch if you're interested in discussing work or side projects, sharing your thoughts and feedback, or simply connecting. I'm always eager to engage in new conversations and will make every effort to reply promptly. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Abdi Bedel

abdibedel final
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