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The Art of Feature Prioritisation: A Product Manager's Guide

Updated: Apr 5

As a product manager, you are responsible for developing a successful product that meets the needs of your target audience. However, with limited resources and competing demands, you may find it challenging to prioritize which features to include in your product.

In this blog post, we will discuss in detail more about feature prioritisation in product management.

"Prioritization is not about what you want to do. It's about what you need to do to be successful." - Marty Cagan, author of "Inspired: How to Create

Table of Contents:


Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize features that provide the most value to your target audience.

  • Align your product features with your company's goals.

  • Use a framework to prioritize features, such as the MoSCoW method.

  • Get feedback from your team and customers to ensure that you are prioritizing the right features.

Understand Your Target Audience

The cornerstone of effective feature prioritization lies in gaining a profound understanding of your audience. Dive into the intricacies of their needs, pain points, aspirations, and goals. Consider a mobile app designed for busy professionals—here, prioritizing time-saving features like intuitive voice commands or a streamlined UI can make a significant impact on user satisfaction.

Analyze the Competition

Embarking on feature prioritization requires a keen examination of your competitors' landscape. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in their offerings to carve out a distinctive space for your product. In the words of strategic wisdom, "Know thy competition and surpass them." Leverage these insights to create a product that not only competes but excels in delivering unique value to your target audience.

Feature Prioritisation Based on Business Objectives

The strategic alignment of features with overarching business objectives is the linchpin of product success. Whether the focus is on revenue growth, cost reduction, or enhancing customer satisfaction, prioritize features that seamlessly integrate with these business goals.

As a seasoned Product Management Expert rightly puts it, "Features aligned with business objectives are the heartbeat of product success." This strategic alignment ensures that each feature contributes meaningfully to the overall success and sustainability of the product.

Use a Framework to Prioritize Features

Implement the MoSCoW method - Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won't have. This framework prioritizes features based on criticality and impact. According to a survey, 80% of successful product managers use prioritization frameworks.

Feature Type



Critical for product success, non-negotiable inclusion.


Important, could be included if resources permit.


Nice to have, included if time and resources allow.


Excluded from the current release but considered later.

Get Feedback from Your Team and Customers

Leverage insights from your team and customers to refine feature prioritization. Team input ensures technical feasibility, while customer feedback prioritizes features that add value. As Henry Ford said, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Incorporating these steps and utilizing frameworks like MoSCoW ensures a strategic approach to feature prioritization, ultimately contributing to product success.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford


In conclusion, prioritizing features is a critical aspect of product management. By understanding your target audience, analyzing the competition, prioritizing based on business objectives, using a framework, and getting feedback from your team and customers, you can ensure that you are prioritizing the right features for your product. Remember, the key is to focus on the features that provide the most value to your target audience and contribute to the success of your business.


Key Takeaways

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